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Our school offers the certified Georgia Department of Driver Services DUI and Risk Reduction course. This course is generally required for all persons who have received a DUI Conviction or when a DUI Charge has been reduced to a Traffic Violation.

This course is also open to others as a prevention and early intervention risk reduction program for alcohol and drug use.

Upon completion of the 20 hour Prime for Life® course, a Georgia Certified DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Certificate of Completion will be issued to the student.



  1. Make your appointment for an Assessment.
  2. Come in and complete your Assessment  with Assessor (fee must be paid for  Assessment before it is taken).
  3. Register for the Intervention Component (3  day course). It is held monthly at our  Academy.
  4. Pay all fees to be able to attend the course.
  5. Attend all three days of the course and make a  70% or above on your course evaluation.
  6. Follow all state/academy rules as directed on  your signed state/academy contract.


The Assessment results are valid for a period of one (1) year immediately following completion of the Assessment. If the student/offender is not enrolled in the Intervention Component within one (1) year of completing the Assessment, another Assessment and Assessment fee will be required. This law applies to all RR/DUI Schools.

Each class is 20 hours long and spans three (3) days. You must attend all three (3) days to receive a certificate.

Other State laws and regulations apply. They will be discussed when you register for class.

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